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Telstra Fittings


Pit Bush

Size Telstra Code
20mm 73/100
35mm 73/69
50mm 73/70
100mm 73/102


Size Telstra Code
20mm 73/58
50mm 73/60
100mm 73/


Size Telstra Code
20mm 73/37
50mm 73/48

LDPE UV Stabilised Clamps for Fibre Optic Cable

Size Telstra Code
16mm 543/299
28mm 543/386
41mm 543/305
50mm 543/306


50mm Telstra to 63mm Poly - Code 73/176

Terminal Cover Box - Telstra Code 77/28

I.D. Tag - Telstra Code 97/104

Bends and other fittings available on request.


Communication Fittings



Size Code
100mm TC100

Pit Bush

Size Code
100mm TQ100

Bell Mouth

Size Code
50mm CM50
80mm CM80


Size Code
50mm - 63mm CM50x63


Other sizes available on request.